About Our Company

How far can you see in the dark...?

I² Technologies and Systems Integrations is a full service night vision equipment supplier. We specialize in the development and refinement of existing night vision sensor systems while being a leader in the field of systems integration.

We provide customers with accurate, reliable information and quality products. If we sell it, we believe in it enough to use it ourselves.

Some of our recent projects include the development of several exciting new products:

  • A hardened, Recoil Compensating Image Intensifier, capable of handling up to and including the recoil of 7.62mm weapons platforms.
  • The first effective, fully articulate, quick detach-able, FULLY collimate-able, dual PVS 14 mount.
  • The ANVIS Interface Block Adapter System (IBA 1-3) which allows for the best ANVIS mounting to Ground Troops helmet available.
  • ANIVIS Up Armor program providing MUCH greater strength and reliability to the ANVIS platform.
  • The AN/PVS-4 mount adapter, which allows the mounting of the PVS 4 Weapons sight to ANY ACOG mount.
  • A new dual MTM mounting that allows for a binocular thermal imaging system resulting in un-paralleled and completely passive ability to operate in the DARKEST of environs.

We are vigorously and continually striving to improve and create new products that surpass the status quo. Most of the systems that we manufacture use full MIL-SPEC components fielded by the US Department of Defense, or specialty components we have manufactured ourselves.

With over 20 years of Aviation Maintenance experience as an Intermediate level Avionics Technician in the United States Marine Corps Rotary Wing arena, i² founder Peter M. Lesbo has extensive experience in the repair of Pilots and Aircrew Night Vision Imaging Systems (ANVIS). He maintained these systems, currently issued by the Marines in both training and real-world experience - from maritime antipiracy operations, Desert Shield and Desert Storm, OIF-1 for the Invasion of Iraq to OIF 04-06 in the Al Anbar province of Western Iraq.

Additionally, during his Military career Mr. Lesbo Held 2M (Micro Miniature) certifications to the re-certifier level (one of the highest levels of aerospace soldering repair), used by all branches of the military and NASA.

I² Technologies and Systems Integrations utilizes military-grade test equipment and tooling to complete all repairs and modifications. The Company also makes use of custom built equipment for properly purging and back-filling with nitrogen, all night vision equipment. This protocol is strictly adhered to and applied in all new manufacturing and repairs.

Let us help you see further into the Darkness!

CAGE: 7V0E8 | DUNS: 044645595

CAGE: 7V0E8 | DUNS: 044645595